The Ultimate Guide to Planning Bachelorette Party Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Bachelorette Party Shirts

Flash Ink is Bend, Oregon's premier screen printing shop that specializes in custom apparel and accessories. This blog will provide tips for planning your bachelorette party shirts and highlight how Flash Ink can make the process of bringing your perfect bachelorette party idea to life easier.

Choosing the Right Design

Flash Ink can help you choose the right design for your fellow bridesmaids. When deciding on your shirt design, consider incorporating an inside joke that's meaningful to the group, or a pun that the bridal party will enjoy. On top of choosing your initial design idea, you must also consider the color scheme, fonts, and sizing of your custom shirts. It's her wedding day, and the bachelorette party is her big night, so you'll want to choose a color scheme that the bride loves. Be sure to order the proper sizes for everyone in the group.

Creating Unique Shirts

With screen printing from Flash Ink, you can create a next-level bachelorette party shirt. Flash Ink allows you to select unique ink colors, fabrics, and other embellishments to make your custom shirt dreams come true. There is no limit to the creative control you have over your custom bachelorette party shirts when you work with Flash Ink. This way, you can create the perfect bachelorette party option for your group, since you are the one who knows them best.

Why Custom Bachelorette Shirts Are Important

Custom bachelorette party shirts are crucial to any bachelorette party experience. Along with fun bachelorette party games and other unique bachelorette party ideas, custom bachelorette party shirts will ensure you have an unforgettable bachelorette party. With matching custom shirts, your bachelorette party will grow closer, whether they were already all the closest friends or simply all knew the bride-to-be. Custom shirts create long-lasting memories of the bridal party and make for fun photos to look back on.

Flash Ink can elevate your custom fun bachelorette party ideas by giving the bride squad something to remember the experience by. With custom bachelorette shirts, your group will never forget the bachelorette party, whether the shirts accompany a karaoke night, party bus, winery tour, casino night, slumber party, yoga retreat, local comedy club, or another fun outing. Custom bachelorette shirts take your girl's night to the next level, giving your bachelorette group an experience like no other.

How to Order Shirts for Bachelorette Parties

Like with any custom clothing at Flash Ink, ordering custom shirts for bachelorette parties is a simple process. Start by uploading your design or creating a new design in Flash Ink's design studio. Then select your sizes and note the quantities you need of each size. With Flash Ink, ordering in bulk helps you save money, so consider placing one large order for all your shirts.

When it comes to shipping, Flash Ink's policy is to be as efficient as possible. We will ensure you get your shirts in time so your bachelorette or bachelor party is perfect. The exact turnaround time for custom shirts depends on the size of the order and design features requested, so reach out to Flash Ink for a direct estimate on your order.

Other Bachelorette Party Ideas

In addition to custom bachelorette party shirts, other custom apparel and accessories from Flash Ink are a great idea to help liven up your bachelorette party experience. Custom bachelor party gifts such as koozies also make for great custom bachelorette party ideas. Party favors such as hats and tote bags can also be customized with Flash Ink's services. With these custom gifts, you can tie your whole bachelorette party together to create a cohesive and memorable experience for all the girls.


Custom bachelorette party shirts can bring your bridal party closer together and create a night no one will forget. Flash Ink will make the process simple and stress free, so custom shirts are one less thing you have to worry about as a bride to be. For more information on custom apparel and accessories, visit the Flash Ink website or contact Flash Ink with any questions.

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