Custom Embroidered Hats at Flash Ink in Bend, Oregon

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Custom hats are the perfect way to promote your business or show off your unique style. At Flash Ink, we offer high-quality custom embroidered hats with an easy design process and quick turnaround time.

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Why Choose Custom Embroidered Hats?

Custom caps allow you to promote your business, team, or personal style. Like any customized apparel from Flash Ink, custom embroidery hats let you wear your company's logo so your brand is publicized. Custom embroidered hats from Flash Ink ensure that your designs look great for longer. When choosing your custom embroidered hats, consider the design of your logo, as well as the number of hats needed and the style of custom caps preferred.

Flash Ink's Custom Embroidered Hats

We use flat and 3D puff embroidery techniques to create your custom hats. You can customize several different styles of hats with Flash Ink. Whether you need a beanie, visor, baseball cap, or trucker hat, the team at Flash Ink can help you find the perfect design and style for your needs. Flash Ink's custom embroidered hats are durable and high-quality, guaranteeing they'll last longer than your typical embroidered hats.

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Embroidery Process

The embroidery process begins when you choose your hat style and upload your design. Flash Ink then digitizes the design so it can be used by the embroider machine. Our powerful in-house embroidery machines then begin stitching the design onto the hats, ensuring a high-quality, accurate design.

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Types of Hats

Design Options

At Flash Ink, the customization options available for hats are endless. We offer a variety of hat styles, fits, and embroidery thread colors so you can create the perfect hat, no matter your needs. When it's time to choose your design, you can start with your own pre-existing logo, images, and design, or create an entirely new one using Flash Ink's online design studio. If you're unsure of your design or need inspiration, Flash Ink's design team is ready and happy to offer assistance. We'll help you find the perfect combinations of colors, styles, and designs for your caps.

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Quality and Durability

At Flash Ink, we take care to only deliver the highest quality custom hats. We only ship products we'd be proud to back up, and we want you to be proud of your business' design too. That's why we guarantee accurate designs; your hats will always match the logo and design specifics you provided. We also guarantee that each hat is made with the most durable materials available, so your custom designs last longer. Ordering from Flash Ink guarantees that your hats will keep looking great, wear after wear.

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Custom embroidered hats are the perfect way to promote your business, team, or brand. Flash Ink offers high-quality embroidery services on a variety of hat styles to guarantee the perfect custom hats for any needs. Contact Flash Ink today with any questions or to get started with your customized hats!

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a hat sitting next to a plant in a pota black hat with the word phantom embroidered on ita hat sitting on top of a pile of rocks

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